Agency Plan information

With our Agency plan, we offer a white label service for agencies and partners. With this service, you can offer a Kiripp-like solution under your own brand and domain, managing your own users.


  •  Use your custom domain and branding to offer the same service as Kiripp yo your clients/market.
  • Set your monthly/yearly subscription prices using **Stripe** to process payments.
  • Get all of Kiripp’s future updates and improvements integrated with your service.
  • Up to 150 stores with the standard Agency subscription.


Kiripp Agency has a fee of USD 69.00/month for 300 stores.

What's included

  • All of kiripp’s end user features with your own brand and logo.
  • Dedicated server hosting for your service and stores.
  • Image hosting for end-user uploaded images.
  • SSL certificate with your domain.
  • Administrator account for managing your service’s options, such as managing users, payments and service-wide options
  • Receive credit card payments with **Stripe**
  • 150 stores limit.
  • Premium email support.
  • Hosting maintenance and code updates.
  • Guaranteed performance and 99% minimum server uptime.

What's not included

  •  Kiripp’s agency plan does not include any landing/start page to use with your service. Only the pages relevant to the service are included (such as registration, login, dashboards, etc).
  • Reselling the service or offering agency-type plans is not allowed.
  • Market exclusivity is not included with the service.
  • Custom coding for particular needs or requirements is not included.


  • Access to a registered domain and its DNS settings.
  • Access to a Stripe account to receive subscription payments.


To get started, register a new account here and subscribe to our Agency plan in the Billing area.