Kiripp Subscription – Free Trial

Enjoy a 9-Day Free Trial with Peace of Mind

At Kiripp, we’re confident in the value we provide, and we want you to experience it firsthand. That’s why we offer a 9-day free trial for all our new users.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up with Payment Details: To ensure a seamless transition after your trial (should you choose to continue), we ask for payment details upfront. We’ve partnered with Stripe, a globally trusted payment platform, to ensure your information is secure and protected.
  2. No Immediate Charges: Rest assured, you won’t be charged a dime during your 9-day trial. It’s entirely on us!
  3. Easy Cancellation: If you decide that our app isn’t the right fit for you, simply cancel within the 9-day period. No questions asked, and no charges applied.
  4. Transparent Billing: Only after the 10th day, if you choose not to cancel, will your chosen payment method be billed.

We prioritize your trust and satisfaction. Dive in, explore all the features, and experience the benefits risk-free. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Starting Your 9-Day Free Trial: Here’s How

To kick off your trial experience with Kiripp, begin by setting up a free account.

Once you’ve registered, your dashboard will appear as follows:

From your dashboard, navigate to the ‘Billing’ section and choose the subscription plan that aligns best with your requirements:

Complete the subscription form, ensuring you provide all necessary details.

That’s it! From your billing area, you can now see your active free trial status and selected plan.